I really enjoyed Gini Dietrich‘s post yesterday on Spin Sucks titled  “Seven Tools for Writing Blog Posts” . Besides the many great tips offered  it really got me thinking about writing. My favourite tip was “Write every day”.  I agree.   She adds “Even if you don’t publish every day, you can’t call yourself a writer if you don’t write every, single day.”

So as I began thinking Do I write everyday? I  also started to ponder: What constitutes as writing for me?

I post 2-3 times a week on my blog.  Some weeks I feel like I could post more often but to keep consistent,  for now,  I aim for 2 -3 posts a week. Having said that I am on my site every day editing  posts and generating ideas for new ones.  Does that count as writing?

So after some thinking  and reading others’ comments on Gini’s post I came up with these  lists for myself:

No, of course it doesn’t count as writing:

  • Birthday cards
  • Teacher Thank you notes (it is that time of year)
  • Grocery lists or any other to do lists
  • Sticky notes reminding my husband to run an errand or make a call
  • Filling out forms
  • Comments on other Blogs
  • Tweets
  • Comments on Facebook posts
  • Notes and new ideas generation
  • Minor Blog edits

Yes indeed, this is writing:

  • Blog posts
  • Assignments or case studies for my Social Media Certification courses

The Grey Areas:

  •  Major Blog edits
  • Emails

Ah! The grey areas. Do edits really count as writing?  At this stage in my Blog writing journey sometimes I am adding full paragraphs in edit mode.  Unlike Gini, it takes me well over an hour to produce a final Blog post. So maybe for now my major edits do count as writing.

Email is grey for me because it really depends on the nature of the email. If I am responding to or writing a query of course I don’t count that as writing.  But sometimes a long, detailed and heart-felt email to a  good friend looks and sounds a lot like a Blog post. Totally authentic, totally me, telling a story, giving my opinion and hoping for feedback and conversation in return.

As I practice the  “Write Every Day” tip each day these grey areas may begin to  fade into the “no, this isn’t writing list” for me.  But for today, I am leaving them in this grey area.

How about you? What constitutes as writing for you and if you are a writer do you write everyday?


LSSocialEngage moderator

Hi Amanda,

I like that distinction. Writing vs. "my writing". And yes I agree really satisfying writing for me comes from a deeper place for me as well. I had included Blog posts as writing.  However I am realizing that it truly depends on the blog post as well. I have recently started a picture blog series on this site called "Snapshot Sunday". Yes, it is personal and it is a very creative process for me but it isn't really writing. I find the same with recipe posts - yes they are blog posts and sometimes take a fair bit of time to craft properly but they aren't really writing.  And in that sense as much as I would like to really write (From a deeper place) every day I am not quite there yet. So how often do you "truly" write then a week?

Word Ninja
Word Ninja

@LSSocialEngage Not often enough. I do consider my blog posts "my" writing, because they are still more personal to me than, say, a news release. And, no matter what type of writing we're doing, we are working on our craft. I think that's what Gini was referring to in her post.

LSSocialEngage moderator

@Word Ninja Right. I see what you are saying and I agree in that my creative, my craft , my writing is all "my" work. I am still thinking of writing as enough words on paper but perhaps that's a limited way of thinking about it. The craft and the creation of something special (to me), personal and your own is a better way to think about it.

Word Ninja
Word Ninja

Hi, Lubna! Good question. Even though I write for work almost every day, I don't necessarily consider that "my writing." Yes, it's the act of writing...for promotions, web, brochure copy, etc. But I don't feel like I've truly written unless it involves a blog post, essay, journal entry, fiction or freewriting...something that comes from a deeper place.

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